Mark had hit a wall in term s of progression in his mtbing. On chatting to him it was clear he lacked confidence and also the belief in his own ability.
After the skills check I found that he missed only looking in his skills armory and had a natural push that preceded a pull that needed removing. On enhancing his looking the push unweighted his front end easily and his desire to pull after wards on the bars disappeared.
The 1st techniques we covered were pumping and the dis connected bunny hop which to Marks surprise, he found really easy. Things were moving along nicely, so the drop technique was next and on a purposely built section we worked on the technique until mark felt his bike become air borne.
Now we moved onto a trail consisting of nine sections including roll downs, corners and drop section which I broke down and methodically we worked on each section and linked each one as we worked our way down the trail. the top 6 sections we linked smoothly and controlled.

when the final 3 sections were linked in also it was clear that mark had moved comfortably beyond his perception of what he could do on a bike and had become a different rider altogether.

I look forward to our on going coaching connection. Awesome session Mark!