Scott is new to mtbing and wanted to have some skills coaching to make sure he handles his trail center holiday with his friends.
Once I had identified his missing and present skills and had uncovered a natural push and also body position habit, we moved onto the drop technique.
Here I worked on the psychological side of doing drops and I showed why the skills applied here.
We then moved onto the skills trail and we worked on pumping, flat,off camber, switchback and bermed corners. We linked them to rock gardens, steep up slopes, steps and steep roll downs.
Each was linked to the next section using the correct braking areas.
We worked on braking techniques and Scott began riding more and more confidently and smoothly.
We moved onto an isolated berm to get him used to carrying speed through berms before moving back to the trail and riding it end to end. The difference in Scott’s riding was there for all to see and his smile was beaming across his face.