Andy came to me for a 1 to 1 session after previously attending a group session with . I checked that the skill set I teach was present and then set to work on applying it in different contexts.

 I worked on moving the bike in the air off drops before riding the skills trail end to end a few times where I worked on more advanced pumping and absorbing that allows riders to carry speed better. I worked on linking drops into corners and Andy was absolutely flying down the trail! I moved us onto another singletrack that is faster with sections closer to each other to develop his skill set further. I worked on the mental skills when riding drop offs and he found it very easy once he decided to try it.

I worked on rolling steeps into corners and allowing the wheels to drift and Andy linked this into the entire trail.

We had a break and resumed with the jumping technique on tabletops and gaps. I worked on his body position to allow him to travel higher and further for a given speed and Andy really found this helpful as he used to come up short at times.

For our last application of the skill set we moved onto the pump and jump trail where I demonstrated choosing when to pump, jump or manual sections on the trail. To Andy’s surprise he quickly got all techniques and after several runs of the whole trail it was time to end our session as mental fatigue hit.
 Great riding Andy.