Andy made the trip to me from Bath and straight away I ran him through my skills check where I found body position and looking faults in corners but also uncovered a very natural push to unweight the front wheel that was bogged down by some bad habits. A set up tweak and the habits corrected, we moved onto the drop sections and very quickly Andy was landing perfectly.
Next we moved onto the skills trail where I worked heavily on Andy’s cornering and trail energy management.
There are !4 sections on the trail and using the entries and exits we linked the trails sections together.
Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners were ridden. Speed manuals, steps, rock gardens, fly outs and linking drops into corners were all linked together using the correct braking zones.

We then began riding the entire trail end to end and with each run he became smoother and more fluid. Even the head wind didn’t interrupt Andy’s concentration as he flowed along the singletrack.

Finally, we moved onto the tabletop and began to apply the natural push of Andy in this context. In a very short time he was sailing over the jump and landing so smoothly. The smile on his face was a picture.

The ease he cleared the table top time and time again meant he was going to ride the gap jump side but the wind turned to a side wind which meant we stopped on the grounds of it becoming unsafe.
The session ended after 4.5 hours and I know Andy’s future riding updates will be awesome.