Now let me explain, graham contacted me and described himself as an off road roadie. What he meant was that he didn’t posses the mental skills required to perform the techniques he needed on HIS trails. After the skills health check, I discovered that he actually was proficient at the physical skills but lacked confidence and concentration, and that meant he couldn’t commit himself to riding technical trails. 1st we worked on the pumping technique and led into the unweighting of the front and rear of the bike.
The thought of rolling down steep stuff was something that bothered graham. so we worked on that and soon his confidence grew, as did his commitment.
His cornering was controlled and smooth after a few body and set up tweaks.
Actually dropping the wheel down stuff at slow speed was something he struggled with on his own trails and he said that he always felt like he was going to go over the bars, so i worked on why this is, and worked on head positioning and footwork.
By the end of the session, Graham was showing the understanding of all the days teachings and was flowing smoothly down and up the trails.
Thank you for what turned out to be an amazing day on many levels.