I worked with Graham back in February and he felt he wanted to return for further coaching with me. As always I re-did the skills check to see what was retained from last time and then we worked on that further. Grahams pumping was smoother than before after a couple of tweaks to his body position. I then took him to the drop section that previously was a step too far and in a very short time he was sailing it with a smile on his face, this was the theme for the session it seemed.
As Grahams riding doesn’t involve jumping I wanted to work more in his footwork and looking in tighter singletrack and also wanted to see his reaction to sections he hasn’t ridden before. Now Graham really had a dislike of steep roll downs, so I deliberately picked a single track that had a turn into a roll down section. We stopped there and I coached him through his footwork and looking and also braking techniques. He had no problem at all and once again a smile was on his face during too. We moved onto the pedal assisted un weight of the front wheel and discovered that his looking wasn’t far enough along into the next, so once again we worked on that aspect and soon things were coming together.
Our final trail was a tighter singletrack with overlapping sections that needed controlled braking and looking through the trail. After breaking the tail into segments and sessioning each one we then rode the entire trail will great results and the flow was there to see and feel!
High five Graham!