Pete and grant made the journey from Cardiff and turned up as arranged. I ran them through the skills check and found they needed work on footwork and looking. Later on I worked on body position and their mental skill set. We began with the drop technique and Pete got his wheels off the ground for the first time and rode all three drops. I was able to work with grant with moving the bike in the air too. From there we moved to the skills trail and worked on linking all fourteen sections together via control areas and line choice. Flat, berm, off camber and switch back corners were linked to pumping, steps, jumps, rock gardens, absorbing and drops. Soon they were Riding the whole trail end to end and knowing when it was right and wrong, and why.  After a few more rides of the trail we moved to another trail and worked on pumping, jumping and linking two berms together with grant riding a 6ft And a 7ft gap jumps came after the berms. For our final application of the skill sets we worked on riding steeper terrain and the skills that apply. We rode a near vertical drop off which I demonstrated two different techniques to riding both Pete and grant followed suit. Our session ended after 5 hours as mental fatigue hit home. Great end to an awesome week of coaching.
High 5