Greg finally made it to me after having to cancel last month due to illness and I set about finding what was present and missing in his riding during my short skills check.
I discovered he lacked body position and looking in corners and possessed a natural push technique that was bogged down by missing skills. Once corrected, Greg was stunned at the ease of this technique so we moved onto braking technique and then onto the drops.
It took a while for me to create an alchemy between speed and push but once Greg had landed perfectly once it stuck and he went off like a firework on all 3 drops.
I then moved us onto the coaching trail where we worked on pumping undulations on a trail before linking that to corners.
I worked hard on Greg s cornering in berms before working on flat and switchback corners too. I added in rock gardens, steps and up ramps and the flow began to appear. Greg was surprised how his push related to jumping too and was amazed that once again his wheels were flying through the air effortlessly. We linked 9 sections on the trail together smoothly and mental fatigue began to appear as the adrenalin from getting air took its toll and drained Greg of energy so I called an end to the session.
Fantastic , fun session!