Hannah and Tamsin were given gift vouchers by their husbands for their session and today was the day. Both had minimum experience with riding off road and I knew I would be working on their mental skills as well as then footwork, looking and body positioning that the skills check showed up. I made some set up changes and showed them why and what effect they had and straight away they felt more control. We moved onto the drop technique and applying both skills sets and in no time at all they were landing perfectly and rode all 3 drops too!
 We moved onto the skills trail and I began working on the top half. pumping, berms, flat corners , switchbacks and rock gardens. I could see that riding the rocks were very much a mental barrier but we worked through that and their riding was smoother and faster than before. After a break we continued and I moved them to the bottom part of the trail to work on riding steeper drop offs and linking them to corners by braking and line choice. I added in a up slope and corner with a step on the exit into the mix and the girls ate that up easily. I then got them to ride the entire trail end to end and everything began to click together easier than before and the rock garden became less of an issue as they both rode the trail end to end over and over. Confidence and commitment were blossoming and any errors were now being self diagnosed.
I could tell they were tiring mentally and after a few more runs of the trail our session ended to smiles all round.
 Great riding ladies and keep me informed of the riding progress