Hannah wanted to overcome her fears of jumping that manifested itself after a crash at high speed in Malaga and Tristan , whom I have coached previously wanted to do the session with her and push his riding on too.

The day started with me showing Hannah why her jumping wasn’t working by showing her the physical skills that were missing and I pieced her skill set back together afterwards, leaving only the mental skills to work on and boy what a session it was.

Drops were first and I was able to work on Tristan’s style in the air whilst developing Hannah’s body positioning and therefore control. We moved to jumping a 6ft tabletop and they were soon both popping into the air and sailing over it. The 6ft gap jump was next and that proved no effort after the mental skills were applied.

We took a break and resumed with working on their cornering and carrying speed through berms and then they were sailing a large faced fade away jump and going huge. Hannah was grinning ear to ear and they were both high fiving each other and me too as they could feel it all coming together nicely. I demonstrated a 9ft and 13ft gap jump and they then applied their mental skills to choose which to do. Hannah rode the 9ft on both full susser and hardtail and Tristan was flying off the 13fter.

We worked on bank/wall rides and popping off the end of them too. All in all, a brilliant day with two awesome riders who I know will go on to greater things.



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