Hannah contacted me knowing she had a few barriers to her riding and not knowing what they were. We talked about her lack of confidence over the phone and I also explained why these barriers were present. We arranged a date and met as arranged.
On putting her through the skills check I found what was missing but also I discovered a very good habit that was covered up by a bad habit. Once removed the good habit of a push bubbled to the top.
We then applied this push in the drop technique and to Hannah’s surprise she was flying through the air comfortably and landing smoothly. After a few runs at different speeds and different pushes the same result occurred and Hannah’s confidence blossomed. I covered the application of the mental skill set too and it came time to move onto the coaching trail it self.
On the trail we worked on the techniques of pumping, steps, rocks, jumps, off camber, flat , bermed and switchback corners. We linked sections together and used the trails energy instead of our own and as we worked our way down the trail the flow began. Section after section was stitched together and we worked on linking corners into drops. We moved onto an isolated berm and worked on carrying speed into and through them, before moving back onto the trail and riding it end to end.
The change in Hannah was huge as she used her looking, footwork and body positioning to really rail the corners and also her push to effortlessly deal with the straight on sections that appeared.
Mental fatigue occurred and Hannah declared she was done. We rode back to the cars chatting about riding and the beautiful places it brings you to.
Great session.