Harry is 14yrs old and never ridden a skatepark before and his parents booked the session for him to learn the etiquette of riding park and also the basics.

Mark Atkins did the majority of the session with Harry and began with just riding around the street section to get comfortable on the bike. It was clear that Harry was comfortable on a bike so we showed him how to ride out of a 4ft quarter pipe at the end of the street section.

After a while it was time to learn how to drop in and we used a small ramp first to get Harry used to coping before bringing him to a larger ramp with no coping to dial the technique.

Things really began to come together and soon harry was riding into the spine ramp mini and carving the ramp too.

Finally, we brought Harry to the bowl and began with pumping around the bowl. We then added riding out at the end. To cap it off, Harry rode into the bowl, pumped around it and then rode out with a massive smile on his face, bringing the session to a close.

Great session Harry!