Helen and Andy came to me after various recommendations and today was the day. They stayed locally overnight to be fresh for their session. The skills check revealed they collectively needed work on looking, footwork and body positioning as well as their mental skills too, so I set to work.
Drops were 1st and they were amazed how simple it all was as they landed perfectly and it was effortless compared to how they used to try.
From there we worked on the top half of the trail for a while before then moving to an isolated berm to work on carrying speed through them. A coffee break was next and we resumed back on the skills trail where I broke everything down and then rebuilt them. Fourteen sections were linked together by the end of the session and way faster than they had ever ridden and in more control too. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked with steps, rocks, pumping, drop offs and upslopes. The mental aspect of the session really tired them out and they called an end to their session as they had nothing left but smiles.
Amazing session guys and keep me informed of the riding.