This session was delayed in December due to snow so the next date they could all make was today. As always I began with the skills check and identified the missing skills in their riding before moving onto the drop technique.
Here we worked on looking and body position during flight and also on moving the bike in the air.
Next we worked on linking drops into corners and worked on footwork.
We then moved onto jumping tabletops and once again worked on looking and body position and in no time at all all the guys were sailing over it.
Using their mental skill set all the guys then rode the gap jump side of the jump too.
I then moved onto a low ladder drop and worked on their peripheral fears and body position on woodwork before moving onto an advanced drop where speed judgement is required to clear a gap.

I then demonstrated linking it into another wooden berm before working further down the trail and adding a step up and step down section.
Things were really moving along nicely and their riding was progressing without bringing them beyond their perceived comfort zones.

Next I moved them onto another drop and we linked it into a 9ft gap step down jump. Each riding used their mental skills to easily ride each section yet again.

We linked drops into jumps and into corners and the guys all showed their new physical and mental skills to great effect.
Lastly I showed them how to ride a hip drop and once again each of them easily rode it and even if errors were made they had the skills to self evaluate what happened.
Awesome session!