Dave came to me as arranged and the sunshine greeted his arrival. The skills check revealed looking and body position faults and I set to work correcting this. We began with the drop technique and then onto linking drops into corners. Line choice was critical here and every run got better as his line choice developed. We moved onto the 6ft tabletop and gap jump where I worked on both mental and physical skills sets and it wasn’t long before Dave was clearing the tabletop and at different speeds too as his physical skills developed. The gap jump proved no issue too as the gap sailed beneath him soon after.
 Onto the top half of the skills trail and I worked on Dave’s body positioning in corners and soon he was flying! We next worked on steeper terrain and different was of dealing with very steep drop offs.
 For the last half of the session we moved onto the pump and jump trail to work on pumping sections of the trail to gain speed and also manual through tabletops too! Linking 2 berms together and gaining speed through them was added to the line and he was linking 12 sections on that trail together by choosing to jump, pump or manual them.
I worked on his speed judgement by using a 15ft tabletop and Dave adjusted his speed and effort by choice to fly into the air with confidence and control.
 For the final application of the skills sets, we linked a corner to a 9ft gap jump and into a corner. It took a couple of runs to get it clean but clean it he did and with a massive smile on his face too.
Amazing session Dave and good luck in your future riding exploits.