11 lads booked a private session with myself and Nathan and they arrived as arranged. They were a mix of 1st timers and riders I had coached before.
 We began with what seemed to be a simple task, drops and soon they were aware of their missing skills and we set about correcting them.
We moved onto jumping and absorbing techniques and then linked in drops and corners to work on both line choice and speed management.
 After a short while we moved on and we began working on riding steep stuff and linking sections on an new trail together using footwork, looking and body positioning. drop off into corner, to fade away jump, 4 corners, double and very steep drop off proved no issue as they used their mental and physical skills to guide them.
We had a break and moved to jumping tabletops and gaps, we used a 6ft tabletop and gap jump for this and soon they were all sailing over the tabletop and some used their mental skills to decide to ride the gap jump too.
 Lastly we moved to a 15ft tabletop and by developing their own speed management, they all began jumping sections on a new trail and some even sailed the largest tabletop over and over again. Nearly 6hrs after we began , the session ended as they all felt mentally drained so off we went to the local pub to celebrate an awesome session.