On meeting Iain and Laura and running them through the skills check it was clear that they rode together loads as they had the same missing skills but more interestingly, they had developed the same push followed by pull to raise the front wheel. This fix was easy as all I had to do was remove the pull element and the technique happened with ease.
Now all we had to do was apply the push to various techniques along with the skill set.
First up was pumping and the dis connected bunny hop followed by the drop technique.
Laura said she really wanted to be able to get air under her wheels and that happened in only 2 tries!
We moved onto a trail and it was here that we worked heavily on cornering. Slowly and methodically we added each element of the skill set and both Laura and Iain were starting to ride smooth and fast. We worked our way down the trail, linking the sections together and using identified braking zones.
We ended the session as mental fatigue began to creep in.
Awesome day and it was a pleasure to ride with you both.