Iain came to us for some mountain bike skills coaching because he wanted to become more comfortable with jumping, having never ridden a gap jump before. We began with the skills check where I had to work mainly on body positioning and looking. We moved onto drops where I introduced mental skills and he was soon enough landing perfectly off the largest drop. We done a bit of work on cornering and then linked drops into cornering. I then showed him jumping technique on the trail and let him explore the top half of the trail himself to see what of what I had shown him he was retaining for himself. After a break, we worked in the pump and jump trail, he was starting to choose which sections he should be pumping or jumping to ride the trail as a whole with speed and flow. We moved over to the tabletop where I controlled his speed and kept adding it in order to find his clearance point for both the 6ft table top and gap jump. I then showed him a larger gap jump which he rode with ease and I then got him to link it with the rest of the trail. Our session finished on the larger 9ft gap jump, which he rode comfortably, but by this point the heat and mental tiredness had got the better of him and our session came to an end.

great work Iain

Nath (@ukbikenath)