Iain has been riding for years but in recent times has had set backs in his confidence.

During the skills check I made the necessary set up changes and corrected the missing skills but also uncovered some great habits too.

We began with drops and with his new body positioning and looking skills in place he began landing perfectly and soon rode all 3 drops with consummate ease.

We then moved onto the trail and worked on pumping and cornering and began working our way down the trails 14 sections individually before joining them together.

I worked hard on body position, footwork and looking in corners and soon Iain was riding faster and way smoother than previously.

I worked hard on joining his new drop technique to his cornering technique before riding the entire trail end to end a few times.

Iain began to show signs of tiring so I moved us off the trail to teach him to properly jump tabletops.

He had jumped some before but never really understood what he was doing and sometimes it went wrong.

In a few short steps Iain sailed over the jump a couple of times before himself, calling an end to the session as he was so tired.

Great session Iain and I look forward to the riding updates.