Ian and George are father and son and they had booked a session over a year ago but their diary’s couldn’t match until today. On meeting and chatting I could see I needed to work on the physical and also the mental skills in them.
 I made some set up changes and showed them why I did so and began working on their footwork, looking and body positioning. We moved onto the drop sections and it wasn’t that long before they had both ridden all 3 drops.
 I moved onto a cornering correction technique before going onto the skills trail.

 I worked on pumping, absorbing or jumping upslopes, rock gardens, steps and drops and linked them to bermed, off camber, switchback and flat corners. we moved down the trail  bit by bit and it before long they were riding the whole trail end to end. I worked on the mental skills as well as braking and line choice when linking corners to drops.

We had a break and resumed and moved onto the pump and jump trail where I covered the application of both the mental and physical skills sets to choosing whether to jump or pump through sections and even to manual. Our session ended in the heat of the day and I knew our journey together meant something.
 Great session!