What a way to end an amazing week of coaching. I have coached Ian before a few years ago and he wanted to return to brush up and see if he’d fallen back a bit and Paul joined him, coming all the way from New York. Ok it wasn’t just for some mountain bike coaching but sounds good 😉

the skills check showed me the areas they needed work in their physical skill sets and once corrected, tat left the mental skills. We began with the drop technique and while Paul was loving the new technique I was able to teach Ian to move the bike in the air.

Jumping tabletops was next and I used  6ft tabletop for this. In a few short moves Ian followed by Paul were sailing over it and adjusting effort for speed too, developing judgement.

The 6ft gap proved no issue either and the whoops of joys rang out across the hillside.

We had a break for coffee and resumed with cornering. I worked hard on paul’s right turns as they were weaker and further developed Ian’s body positioning to turn sharper. Pumping and carrying speed through three berms was now not a problem. I demonstrated a 7ft gap jump and  9ft gap jump that saw the boys ride the two berms that preceded them and linked both jumps in too!

Onto another gap jump trail and I used three linked gap jumps of 8ft. I demonstrated, then it was their turn to decide whether to ride or not using their mental skills. Yep, they sailed all three and the adrenaline really began to make them shake. Our session together still had enough time in it for them to both ride the first jump of air supply of 9ft.

What a session and I cannot wait to see their future riding exploits.



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