I had coached Ian last year on a public singletrack skills course and during the skills check this time i could see it had paid off and that he had body positioning to develop. Stacey needed looking and footwork in corners and missed a skill in other areas too.
I began with braking technique and then onto drops. In a short while both were landing perfectly and i began working on moving the bike in the air and starting to make it look stylish.
From there we moved onto the skills trail and I worked on using the trails energy and pumping and pre jumping.
We linked that to flat, off camber, switchback and bermed corners, steps, rock gardens, fly out jumps and drops.
Gradually we worked our way along the trail linking the next to the previous sections and the flow began to really happen. Ian was showing the benefits of the previous session as mixed with his new body position he was hooning down the trail!
Stacey was putting it together too and the rain didn’t matter one iota.
We linked drops into berms at speed to enable them to manage their alpine speeds easier.
After a few runs of the complete trail we moved onto our final technique, jumping.
I demonstrated how and why their push applied and they sailed over it and even began styling it a bit too.
Stacey, followed later by Ian rode the 6ft gap jump too easily with huge grins as they walked up.
Our session ended with a tour of the place with an ice cold beer each.