Ian came to me after recommendation from www.nirvanacycles.com and the day arrived and blue skies greeted us. The skills check showed me an accomplished rider but with body positioning needed fixing. I set to work. We moved through the mental skills and applying both mental and physical skills to the techniques I teach and used them in contexts out on the trails. Drops then to jumping the 6ft tabletop and working on speed and effort required. Ian’s new body position really hit home on the steep terrain as he now felt way more control than before. We worked hard on cornering and this was the game changer for him. We linked 2 berms together and carried speed which enable Ian to jump a 7ft gap jump, much to his amazement. 
We worked on linking drops into corners as well as pumping and absorbing undulations on a trail and choosing to jump, pump or manual to gain more speed. I knew he was tiring under the hot sunshine but not before I had demonstrated a 9ft gap jump that is sandwiched between 2 berms and Ian follwed suit a few times before declaring himself mentally drained. What a pleasure today’s session was to be part of.