Ian contacted me wanting to work on his overall speed and his cornering mostly. After the skills check I could see that he had a natural push technique to un weight the front of the bike but that he lacked his looking skill. The same thing was missing primarily from his cornering, so I set to work.
I began working with him on the pump technique and in a very short time we moved onto bi lateral pumping and Ian was really beginning to show a connection with the trail. We then moved onto the dis connected bunny hop, I could see after my demonstration that Ian was not convinced he could perform the technique but with in 4 goes he had it nailed. Things were looking good!
From there, we moved onto the drop technique and soon Ian was airborne and landing sweetly at various speeds.
It came time to work on Ian’s cornering and also his trail energy management, so we moved onto a trail. Ian lacked footwork and looking but in a short amount of time we had corrected this and was able to work on body positioning too. Soon, Ian was flying down through the first 2 corners of the trail so We then worked on the next segment of the trail, isolating the sections within and linking them via their entry’s and exits. Before riding the whole trail we worked on linking the drop sections at the end of the trail together and it was here that I worked on Ian’s mental skill set as i needed to develop his confidence and concentration and soon those sections swept by beneath his wheels.
Finally, we rode the trail end to end and it became clear that Ian was riding smoother and faster than before but with more time as he was looking so far ahead down the trail.
Our session ended as mental tiredness began to show so we made our way back to the car park.
Great session Ian!