Ian contacted me and told me of his background of trail centre rides and that he has entered the mega-avalanche. I explained the back to foundations approach I use for 1st time clients and after the skills health check we moved on to the skills themselves.

I demonstrated how the skills combine in all techniques and Ian got to grips with pumping and then onto un-weighting the front and rear of the bike.
I showed how that technique leads onto the drop technique.
We then worked on the skills required for off camber sections and after sliding out using his normal technique he was stunned at the ease of the section using his new skill set.
Cornering was worked on and how linking sections together developed the flow of the trail.

I then showed how the pumping technique leads not only to drops, but also the jump technique and Ian took to the air.

The day ended with Ian demonstrating the understanding of trail energy and how each section is just another section. His mental skills developed massively over the days riding and it was evident by the picture above.

We ended the day at the pub and chatted about the success of the day over a drink and chips!