Ian came arrived as arranged and I knew from our emails that I had to work both on his physical skills but also his mental skills too. I found that Ian needed looking and body position faults corrected in his cornering technique and also in anything straight on so I made the necessary set up changes and set to work.
This session was to focus on cornering and linking sections of singletrack together to enhance flow. I worked on pumping and using the energy to maintain speed on the trail. We linked the bumps at the top of the trail to the following berm and switchback corners and after a body positioning correction exercise he began to ride them smoother and faster than before . I added in the rock garden and another berm and switchback turn and once again worked on Ian’s looking and body position before moving onto the next segment of trail which contains a fly out jump and corner with a step on the exit. It surprised Ian how his new skill set made things simpler and also were more effective. Now Ian was riding 9 sections and the top sections that we began with were really going well as he was moving through conscious reaction into unconcious action. lastly, I worked on rolling drop offs into corners and I worked on the effect of line choice.
The session ended after a few complete runs of the trail and I am really looking forward to seeing Ian for part 2 in June!