We met as arranged and I proceed to run the riders through the skills health check where I find out what they can do naturally during some skills exercises.
Paul, Mark and Mike all had issues with their footwork and looking skills, so I began correcting this.
We worked on un weighting the front of the bike and onto pumping the trail. Paul went the 2nd furthest of all my clients beating last weeks effort.
I then taught them the drop technique and soon had them landing both wheels together.
We then applied the skills to climbing and the looking skill really came into its own.
finally we moved onto a trail and i broke it into three segments, working firstly on the top segment which involved cornering.
All three riders at the start of our session had looking and footwork skills gaps and here is where we really worked on these. We worked on them for a while before adding the 2nd segment into the mix and now the riders started linking the trails sections together.
Finally we added the end segment with its drops and the skills started to shine through. I ended the session after we worked on the dis connected bunny hop over a fallen tree.
great session guys!