On meeting the girls I immediately put them through the skills check and discovered some very good habits already in their riding and set about working on the missing skills. We then went front unweighting the front wheel and onto the drop technique where I worked on both the physical skill set and the mental skill set too.
From there we went onto the trail and worked on cornering and linking sections on the trail together. We worked our way methodically down the trail linking the new sections to the previous ones. They got smoother and more controlled as we identified braking zones and line choice.
Part of the trail has an rise that I teach the beginnings of the jump technique and after our work on the trail I moved the girls onto the tabletop. Gradually I worked on the physical skills involved in this technique and added speed so that in a controlled manner they all cleared the tabletop comfortably and smiles beamed all round!
Finally I moved them left on the tabletop to the gap side and ticking off the mental skills they rolled in and once again all cleared the gap jump too!
We ended our session there after a few runs over the jumps.
Great session girls!