Richard contacted me wanting to over come his struggle for obstacles on trails and also said he has an older mtb with clips and strap pedals and a 130mm stem etc… I explained that the bike he brings needs to be the one he wants to ride and that it’s not about the bike.
We met as arranged and I put him through the skills health check and found what was missing in his riding but also uncovered some good habits too!
We worked on Richards looking and body position in corners and also his footwork in other sections.
Before going to the trail, we went to the drops and worked on the application of his natural push. In no time at all he was landing perfectly and using his mental skill set, moved up to a larger drop too with the same result .
Next, we moved onto the trail and worked heavily on cornering. We focused on looking and moving his body on the bike to maximize grip. We also worked on rock gardens and linking drops and corners that occur on the trail.
We rode the trail together and Richard was linking each section fluidly and using the correct braking areas too. He even rode my bike to feel the difference in technology but the actual skills required were the same .
Finally, Richard rode the entire trail from end to end which was something he certainly couldn’t have done without his new set of skills.
Awesome session Richard!