This session was Ivan’s birthday present and Paul joined him. As always I put them both through the skills health check and saw what they did naturally and what was missing from the skills set.
I then set about correcting the faults and then we applied the skill set to techniques beginning with unweighting and pumping. After a short while both riders were showing a good uptake of both techniques and asked if I could show the drop and jump technique, so this is exactly what we did. Very soon after a couple of demonstrations the guys were flying off the drop and landing perfectly and started to jump too! keep working on the jumping guys, it is there!
I then showed how the skill set applies to technical climbs and Paul got loads further using it rather than his old technique.
I then worked on their cornering and linking sections together and slowly but surely they started flowing down the trail. Ivan’s looking into the next really came into its own as he linked each of 6 sections together braking only in the correct places. Paul followed suit and also used his new found trail energy management skill.
Our session ended when the lads declared themselves knackered!
Great day!