Ivan, Lee and Mike came to me eventually after a delayed session last year. the skills check show that I needed to work on their looking and body positioning and I made a set up change to assist this. We began wit the drop technique and the effect was immediate as they began landing perfectly.
After a while we moved onto a cornering correction excersise and then onto he skills trail.
Pre jumping, berm, flat corner, rock gardens and switchback were the first things we worked on and quickly all three were riding and knowing why it was right or wrong. Ivan  took a tumble that looked innocuous but it became obvious it hurt more than it looked but he continued as well as he could.
Soon were were working on linking the whole trail together and added in fly out jumps, steps and drops as well as some more turns. They were soon riding the whole trail end to end and knowing why it was right or wrong in any section.
 Steeps were next and I showed why they didn’t need to stay behind the bike on steeps and they all felt more in control. Moving onto even steeper stuff they and I demonstrated various ways of dropping in and their new set up and body positioning really paid dividends for them and they felt it.
Tabletops and gaps were next and Ivan sat this out as he was hurting but soon Lee followed by Mike sailed overt eh 6ft tabletop and Lee even rode the gap jump side a few times too.
For our final application of the skills, we moved onto pumping sections on the trail to generate speed to jump a 9ft tabletop. 5.5 hrs into the session and I knew they were cooked mentally so our session ended with a walk around of the herts skills area.
let me know how the riding goes guys,