Jackie and Mark came up from Surrey for their session and took a day off from running www.nirvanacycles.com . I found they needed work on looking, footwork and body positioning, especially in cornering so after a set up change I set to work.
 I began with a cornering excersis and then we started work on linking 2 berms together.Their new skills sets really began to pay off straight away and they both felt the difference.
We moved onto the drop technique and applying the mental skills as well as the physical to each of the 3 drops and they were amazed at how simple it all was.
 We next moved onto the top half of the skills trail and worked on pumping to gain speed and then link 2 corners, rock gardens and 2 more turns together via control areas. We took a break as the extreme heat of the day was draining them both and on resuming, we moved to riding steeper terrain and they both used their mental skills to ride a near vertical drop off with control and ease. The mental aspect of the session was taking its toll so we ended our session after a couple of goes at linking drops into corners.
Amazing session