James and Andy came to me from the Surrey hills area and on arrival were quite worried about what the session would bring.
The skills check revealed the missing skills but also uncovered a great habit that they had no idea they possessed. I changed their bike set ups and set to work on their looking, foot position and body positioning too.
We began with the drop technique and the guys applied both their physical skill set and also their new mental skills questions too. The surprise on their faces as they began landing perfectly was a sight to see and the smiles never left their faces.
after a while, we moved onto the skills trail and worked on flat, bermed, switchback and off camber turns. Pumping, drops, rock gardens and fly out jumps. I moved down the trail segment by segment so we could focus on the sections contained in bite sized chunks. Each section was linked together using the identified braking areas and they soon began to ride smoothly and controlled but also faster than ever.

On the fly out jump they were shocked at how easy it was to get into the air and the fears from the morning had disappeared. I worked on linking the drop technique and cornering technique together and the associated line choices and before you know it they were riding the trail end to end. They were now confident and the fluidity was great to see.
Errors began to creep in and I could tell that they were getting tired and they called an end to the session themselves.
Great session guys and I look forward to the riding updates.