James and Dan made their way to myself via recommendation as a few of their friends have had mountain bike coaching from us at ukbikeskills. The forecasted rain didn’t really arrive until the torrential hail that happened at the end of the session but here is what we covered.

The skills check showed footwork, looking and body positioning errors and once corrected and I had shown them why, we continued by applying the physical and mental skills to the first technique, drops.

The ease of them really took them by surprise as their old weight right back technique was proven to be ineffective.

We moved to cornering and working on the techniques required to ride singletrack. Pumping, jumps, steps, rocks and drops were linked to berms, flat, switchback and off camber turns. By working on line choice and control areas, they both became faster as opposed to trying to be faster. They were really flowing down the fourteen sections contained on the singletrack trail and they were loving it.

Onto steeper terrain and of course, riding a near vertical drop off. I demonstrated three ways of riding such drops and the boys chose which one they were able to do by applying their mental skills and the effect on their control blew them away.

We ended our session by working on absorbing, pumping and carrying speed through berms before the hail of biblical proportions arrived. Awesome session guys






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