I coached James in 2010 and he returned with Mike today to share a session and  progress together. I could see the work from our previous session had paid off and that I needed to work on James’s body positioning now and Mikes looking too!
 We began with drops and they quickly sailed beneath them and we moved onto the skills trail. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to steps, fly out jumps, rock gardens, pumping , drops and absorbing. We broke the trail down and rebuilt it bit by bit until they were linking all 14 sections together and their new skills really shone through.
 After a while I moved onto riding steeper stuff and the body positioning required and they felt the difference immediately too as they dropped into 2 different steep sections easily and controlled.
 Finally, we moved onto jumping tabletops and gaps. Mike looked worried and James had the gap jump on his mind as I could tell and in a few small steps and using both mental and physical skills they rode the 6ft tabletop easily and over and over again. Then mike followed by James rode the gap jump side a few times too!
The session came to a close soon after as the rains came and mentally they were shot so we retired to the local pub for a pint.
Amazing session guys