We met at the Herts skills area as arranged and i ran him through the skills check where I could see what areas needed work. I found Jamie had solid footwork and looking but needed body position work in corners and in straight sections needed work on his looking into the next.
Armed with this information I set to work and our first technique was drops. Here we worked on his looking and matching his natural push to the speed he was comfortable going. I also worked on his mental skills set too as confidence and a relaxed/controlled mind were developed.
All three drop sections were ridden smoothly. It came time to work on corners and for this we moved onto the coaching trail. I always split the trail into segments and we worked heavily on the sections contained within. we worked on flat, bermed, off camber, switchback and alpine style switchbacks in corners. We also worked on rock gardens, up ramps, steps and drops into corners. Each segment was linked to the previous one as we worked our way down the trail. By the end Jamie was over 12 seconds faster down the trail. Time to teach Jamie how to jump.
On the table top I manage the speed so Jamie had only to focus on the remaining 3 skills contained in the jumping technique. In a short time he was landing smoothly the other side of the tabletop and riding away smiling. The tabletop has a gap on one half of it and here Jamie moved over to it and cleared it with ease. After a good few runs our session came to an end and we chatted over the session events over a coffee . Great session Jamie!