Jamie turned up on a dull but dry day for his session and over a coffee, I gave an outline of how I begin my sessions and why. The skills check revealed that Jamie needed body positioning and looking skills enhanced and also his mental skills too.
 We headed to the drops to apply both skills sets to that technique first and he started landing perfectly from the word go and rode all 3 drops with ease.
 A body positioning excersise followed before we moved onto the top half of a trail to work on pumping, rock gardens and cornering before taking a short break for another coffee.
 Next up was linking drops into corners and braking and line choice. Braking correctly massively changed Jamie’s control and his confidence grew as a result.
 I worked on body positioning when riding steeper stuff next and it really surprised Jamie how comfortable it all felt on stuff he would have baulked at riding previously.
Finally it was time to apply the skills sets to jumping and soon he was sailing over a 6ft tabletop for the first ever time and feeling secure as he did so. Any errors were now self recognised too.
 Our session ended after a good few runs on the pump and jump trail where Jamie used pumping and jumping to ride the 13 sections contained within it.
 Great session Jamie.