Jason and Paul turned up as arranged and I could see some set up changes were needed and that was something I did during the skills check.
After the skills check i began with a braking correction before applying their natural unweight to the drop technique. I worked hard on looking and body position here to maintain a controlled and even flight and I also worked on their mental skills too. Immediately they were landing perfectly and after a while we moved on.
The skills trail was next and I worked on pumping undulations on a trail. We then used that energy to ride the following bermed, switchback , flat corners and rock garden, I worked hard on their body position, looking and footwork in corners and gradually it started to become an unconscious action.

Next up I showed them why their new skill set made jumping easier and we linked that to a corner with a step on the exit too before linking in all the previously ridden sections too.
I used the end of the trail to work on line choice when linking drops into corners and that was something they grasped quite quickly before finally, riding the entire trail end to end. It’s an awesome feeling to watch riders using the teachings and riding way better than previously and smiling all the way.

After a few runs we moved onto our final task. Jumping tabletops and gaps.
I demonstrated first and they then flew over the tabletop with absolute ease and again and again they sailed over it before they both used their new mental skills to confidently ride the 6ft gap jump side too.

Our session ended as the rain started and we chatted over a cold beer to celebrate an awesome session. High5 guys!