Jason works for Dakine whom we at ukbikeskills are ambassadors for and he wanted to develop his mtb skills and further his riding. The sunny morning greeted us as I began with my skills check where I found body positioning and looking needed work and so I set to work. We began with applying the skills set to the drop technique and I was able to install his mental skills set also as Jason was soon riding the largest drop with more control and less effort than ever before. Nathan turned up to prepare for his mountain bike coaching session tomorrow and popped over to say hi before we moved to cornering. Jason was amazed how much grip and speed he now had and was soon railing three berms and sending the large faced drop that followed.

Steeper terrain was next up and body positioning was critical here and yet again, Jason applied his new skills set and even rode the near vertical drop off in the ways I demonstrated and it all clicked nicely.

Before the session ended, we worked on linking a 4ft drop into a bermed turn by working on line choices and braking areas.

Brilliant session and I’ll see you in August dude.










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