Jason made the trip down from Gloucester and We had a coffee before we began with the skills check. I found looking and body position needed work and I set to work with a set up change to assist. The drop technique was first up and it took Jason no time at all to use his mental and physical skills sets to ride all 3 drops.
 I moved us onto the skills trail and we began linking the 14 sections contained within it together using the control zones that we identified. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to drops, pre jumping, rock gardens, steps and fly out jumps.  By breaking the trail into segments it enabled Jason to focus on the segments in bite sized chunks and before long he was riding the whole trail end to end and loving it.

  We moved onto the 6ft tabletop to work on applying the skills sets to that technique and soon he was flying over it with no worries at all and the bmx boy of his youth was back! Jason then used his mental skills to ride his 1st ever gap jump too and rode the 6ft gap jump side also.

 Still buzzing we moved on to riding steep stuff and using jsi new body position and set up everything felt easier to him he said and confidence was booming. Our session ended on the pump and jump trail linking pumping, cornering and jumping until Jason called time on the session due to being knackered.
Awesome riding Jase