Jenny and Mike came to ukbikeskills via recommendation from friends. On arrival, I ran them through my skills check and Found they needed work on their body positioning, looking and footwork skills as well as the mental skills, particularly for Jenny.

I adjusted their set ups and we began wit the techniques required to ride over obstacles such as logs/ tree stumps. From there we went to apply their new skills to the technique we teach for drops. Both wasted no time in getting airtime and Jenny really surprised herself by riding the largest 3ft drop with ease.

Cornering was something I worked hard on with them as Jenny was weaker in right turns but soon they were both self diagnosing as they linked the three berms together. After a break, we moved to the singletrack trail and the fourteen sections contained within it that are perfect for mountain bike coaching and I broke the trail down bit by bit and demonstrated everything before it was their turn. Absorbing, pumping, rocks, steps and drop offs were all linked via various types of corners and they soon began to flow smoother than before and faster as a result.

We finished the session after riding steeper terrain including a near vertical drop off that they both rode with ease. amazing session with a lovely couple.



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