Jenny came to me in December and over the past 5 months she has kept me informed about her progress with her new skill set. Today’s session began as they all do by seeing what the rider does unconsciously during 2 exercises.
In December Jenny really struggled with her footwork and the time spent really paid off as her footwork was perfect. So we took up where we left off. We worked on the drop and jump technique as Jenny is now comfortable on red trails at trail centers and then moved onto more natural singletrack and working on line choice and looking through the trail on tighter trails. It became evident that Jenny is now a totally different rider than she was back in December and her confidence and commitment are evident, she is relaxed and concentrates well whilst riding.
We worked on tight natural trails linking sections together that seem easy but unless the looking is really good they lose flow and feel disjointed.
Today was a pleasure to see such an improved rider and I cannot wait to see the developments over the coming months.