Jeremy came to me on recommendation from a previous client Dave Wenham. On meeting him I asked a few questions to discover his level of personal confidence on a bike.
during the skills check, just like his long time friend from the morning i found he only missed looking from his skill set and that he had a natural push too!
I made a couple of changes to his bar set up and we proceeded through the pumping, dis connected bunny hop and onto the drop technique. Clearly Jeremy could ride a bike but lacked the self confidence in his ability so all the time I made subtle suggestions to his riding and he discovered the possibilities of them.
We moved onto a trail which I broke down into 3 segments. The first containing 2 corners which we worked on to enable him to ride through them both without the need to brake. i then added the next segment and soon he was riding with flow and control but also way faster than he could previously.

I then demonstrated the end segment and its drops that it contained and Jeremy rode those with a new commitment and confidence.
We ended our session after a couple of complete end to end runs of the whole trail and rode back smiling to the car park.
Great session Jeremy. High5!