Jim and Simon came to me wanting flow down trails more and perhaps learn to jump and drop.
After the skills check i could see the missing skills but also uncovered some already present skills that the boys didn’t realize they posses.
We began with pumping and the dis connected bunny hop and on leaving those techniques we see how far we can go without pedaling and both riders got into my top 10 of furthest clients ans Simon went 2nd furthest of all!
Great start, now onto the drop and jump technique. Along with the physical skills there are also mental skills and it is here that the lads needed development. Methodically we worked on all the isolated skills areas needed for the techniques before adding speed gradually and airtime began to happen.
From there we moved onto a trail and we worked on all 9 sections present on the trail and gradually linked them together using the identified braking zones.
after a couple of complete runs of the entire trail fatigue began to show but we just had time to move to another trail to work further on the dis connected bunny hop and it’s 2 pushes in the technique.
great session and i look forward to the ongoing feedback of the future rides!