I have coached Jo a couple of times previously so I understand how Jo learns and she joined Simon on a two to one session to develop their riding together and focus on air time. Simon keeps crashing over the bars when doing jumps and drops previous to today so the skills check and set up change was paramount in him understanding why it used to go wrong. I worked on footwork, looking in Simon and body positioning in both as well as the all important mental skills. We started with applying their new skills to the drop technique and Simon was stunned at how easy it all suddenly felt. I moved us to the 6ft tabletop, much to his surprise and soon Jo and Si were sailing over it. Simon said he was happy now and could easily end the session happy but we were far from done. The 6ft gap jump was something neither had done before but now it was no issue physically just whether they could apply their mental skills. Si then Jo sailed over it a good few times before we moved on again, this time to cornering and pumping. The new grip and speed through corners once I had corrected their skills was evident by the smiles on their faces. We took a break and resumed with riding steeper terrain and dealing with near vertical drop offs. That proved no problem for Jo and Si soon followed suit as they easily rode the drop off using the techniques we at ukbikeskills teach.

Onwards and upwards, we moved to the pump and jump trail to work on carrying speed through multiple sections of trail and choosing when to pump or jump and linking three berms into the mix too. The midway step up was something they were trying to jump and the better they managed the sections before , the easier jumping became. After the two berms at the end of the trail is a 7ft ladder gap jump, I demonstrated riding it by carrying speed through both turns and popping over it. Simon then Jo used their mental skills to ride it a good few times too before both said they were tiring and our session ended.

Amazing progression in a short space of time.