We met as arranged at the Herts skills area and I gave the ladies an outline of what we would cover and began with finding out what they already did naturally during two quick exercises.
I began working on looking, footwork and body positioning in their cornering and also in their push technique.
Once that was all bubbling away nicely, we moved onto the drops and used the same skills in this technique. In no time at all they were landing correctly and confidence and commitment grew as they moved up to the next drop and so on.
Next, we moved onto the trail and splitting it into 4 segments, we worked on the section contained within each before moving down the trail and linking it to the previous one. We worked on flat, off camber, bermed and switchbacked corners, as well as steps, rock gardens, pumping and linking sections together using the correct braking areas. I timed them down part the trail and each were 2-3 seconds faster for the 80 meter section, a great improvement over such a short distance!
We rode the entire trail and they began to flow nicely through each section smoothly. We moved onto the table top to change things up and remove the focus off cornering and freshen the mind with something new.
Methodically the ladies worked on their skills as I gradually added speed and they cleared the table top smoothly. Our session ended there and I gave them a demonstration of the skill set I installed in them working in another context in riding, on Herts shore itself.
Great session!