Jo, Sam and Mike have been to me before for coaching so on arrival I found I needed to work on their 
 body position whilst riding and their mental skills too. We began with drops and the mental skills and soon they were riding all 3 drops! Mike had a smile as wide as grand canyon. We moved onto the trail and worked on the 14 sections contained within.
I covered advanced pumping and using the gained energy to ride bermed, flat, off camber and switchback turns. steps, drops, rock gardens and absorbing up slopes to stick to the ground and maintain speed.  Their new body position in corners really made a difference and after a cornering drill it enhanced further. Soon they were riding the entire trail end to end together and flowing so smoothly too.
I moved us onto dealing with steep drop offs and showed different ways of dealing with them. They used their mental skills to decide whether to ride them or not. later we moved onto a drop off that has a corner immediately after to work on their skills application in that context too. to end the session we rode a large drop off down the quarry and away to the cars where we shared the lovely cake Jo made made for the day.
 Fantastic session!