We met as arranged and I gave them my commitments for the session before running them through my skills check. I discovered what was present already and also what’s missing in their skills. I made a few set up changes and then off we went to the drop technique.
My job was to match their skill set to a given speed and then they began landing perfectly and each commented on how easy it felt.
We then moved onto the skills trail and began working on the 14 sections present in it and linking them all together. !st up was the pump technique which was used to gain speed from a mound on the trail. I worked on carrying speed on through the trail as we linked flat, switchback, off camber and bermed corners to rock gardens, jump ups, drops and steps.

We worked our way along the trail gradually and linked the previous section to the next until we were riding the complete trail.
Each run was more fluid and smooth than the last. Joe was flying and ended joint 3rd fastest on my trail since coaching began on it.

lastly We worked on jumping tabletops and the lads began getting air time. Alex cleared it a few times before mental tiredness showed and he sat it out.
Stephen grew tired as I worked hard on linking his push to a speed and Joe just flew over both tabletop and gap jump too.
Rad session!