After having to delay our session earlier in the year due to snow, today we got underway under blue skies and 20 degree temperatures. Joel hasn’t been riding too long and was a skateboarder when he was younger, something I can use as I coached him. I found body and looking faults during the skills check and I made the set up changes required to assist the changes I make.
As ever, I began with the drop technique and I went through the mental skills questions that I give each rider to ask themselves when looking at anything new.

Joel rode them all easily and even tried out my bike through out the session as he wants a full suss to replace his old hardtail.
We moved onto the skills trail and I began working on the isolated sections and then why the skills link sections together. Pumping to gain speed from the trail, flat bermed, switchback and off camber turns were linked to fly out jumps, drops, steps and rock gardens.

We worked our way down the trail methodically and had regular breaks to hydrate in the heat of the day. Joel was riding smoother and faster than ever. I worked hard on line choice when linking drops into corners and also braking technique too. Joel was beginning to tire as it came time to ride the entire trail end to end and after a few runs Joel himself called an end to the session as he was mentally tired. We shared a cold beer in the afternoon sunshine and celebrated the end of a great session.