June 26, 2010 Tony Doyle

John and Alex’s 2 to 1 session

John and Alex contacted me for a 2 to 1 session asking to learn jumps and drops and maybe cornering.
All things in good time, so after identifying the missing skills but also the natural skills of each rider i began working on installing the full skill set.
After un weighting the front wheel, we moved on through pumping and the dis connected bunny hop. It didn’t take long for both Alex and John to get to grips with these techniques so we moved onto drops and jumps.
I demonstrated and then they both began to fly, quite literally. The drop and the table top section proved no problem with their new skill set.
Keeping things flowing along, i moved them onto a trail. I broke the trail into 3 segments and we worked methodically on each segment and the sections within.
Each section was flowed through and braking zones were easily identified so a smooth controlled and fast ride down the trail was the only result.
We ended our session as tiredness showed it’s head so we rode back in the sunshine reflecting on a very cool session.

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  1. Alex

    Having reached a bit of a plateau after 15+ years of riding, and getting frustrated at having to roll most of the jumps and drops I come across, I swallowed a bit of pride and booked the course with Tony.

    I learnt more in 4 hours, than I have done in the last five years. Tony’s teaching is relaxed but focussed, with him having the ability to pick out all of the errors with your riding style in a split second. He tells you what you are doing wrong, and after a few attempts everything falls into place and you get it nailed. Now when you get something wrong, you know what you need to do to make it right.

    Well worth the money. I have no doubt I’ll enjoy my riding more after this. Cheers.

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